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Freediving The Most Dangerous And Beautiful Spots In The World

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08: Riviera Maya — Mexico

In choosing an arena for freediving, Alexey Molchanov argues you can’t do much better than the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula.

“Without cenotes, it’s hard to get to deep depths with warm water, no waves, no currents and no water traffic,” he says. Plus, it’s fresh water. “Fresh water gives you negative buoyancy — the free fall is faster. But it’s harder to get back up.”

Of his favorites, Molchanov lists the Pit, Casa, Lagoon and Angelita. “Angelita is one of the best because of the dramatic landscape,” he says. With the trees and halocline, “it looks spooky.”

Molchanov describes the descent into another favorite, Lagoon: “In the first 30 feet, you have only about 10 feet of visibility. Then, from 30 to 90 feet, it’s crystalclear, and then from 90 to 240 feet, it’s complete darkness.”

“The light changes can be really exciting,” Molchanov says. “And I like the fresh water — it feels somehow almost sweet.”

Photo by Lia Barret
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