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About World Record in Calamata

Today it was an interesting day. First world champion title !
But I'll go back to mini competitions on friday 13th, september, I can for sure say, It almost ruined world championship for me.
For the first time in my life I experienced reverse block on the way back from 128 meters, it started at about 110 meters and it caused loss of orientation and I was swimming in circles around the rope, at some point even 1 meter down. 
It ended with a deep black out and very big lung squeeze, probably biggest in my life, time I spent on the depth around 100 was just way to much.

Anyway, I did everything I could to recover physically and mentally till 19th. As you can imagine it is not very easy to do the dive to the same depth after such an accident. And I am very happy I was able to do the dive and to do it clean just 5 days later.

If I look back, this day wasn't smooth at all.
Water temperature dropped 2 degrees compare to last week which means that most of sensitive to cold freedivers were freezing before the dive in their 1.5 mm suits, me too  
Waves were big and made it really hard to stay calm on the surface.
And lastly I hear that I might be protested on my surface protocol. I still do not know if there was a reason for that, after getting a white card from the judges. But I personally believe that if performance was good, and the place was taken rightly, it is not a good thing for man to do, to try and squeeze a higher place by protesting against your fellow athlete.

I am very happy that my top athlete friends shared same point of view.
And it makes me believe that rules of fair game and sportsmanship are important here in freediving!

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