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A conversation with the World's DEEPEST Freediver: Alexey Molchanov (by Adam Stern)

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Adam Stern:

I talk to multiple world record holder Alexey Molchanov about freediving, his training, travel, life on the road and how to supports his lifestyle as a competitive freediver. I ask him the questions that we both get asked on a day to day basis. Questions about our lives and freediving.

Freediving can seem like a mysterious sport from the outside. And freedivers can also seem mysterious as well. One of my goals has always been to cast light onto the world of competitive freediving and the freediving personalities in the sport. 

This is the first interview that I've ever conducted and so I'd love to know what you thought! I'd love to know if it answered your questions or if there are questions that you have that I can put to other freedivers. 

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