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Pool World Championships in Belgrade, June 2013

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 Compilation of footage and photographs taken at the Individual AIDA Pool World Championships in Belgrade, June 2013. Music is 'Anthem' by Emancipator Shot and edited by Daan Verhoeven.

Gold dives, Kalamata 2013

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Kalamata, Greece, World Championship 2013. "Golden" freedivers Natalia and Alexey Molchanov in one day made ​​outstanding immersions:
Natalia Molchanov - 96 meters! 
Alexey Molchanov - 128 meters and a new world record! 
© Video by Nicholas Kouvaras

National record CNF - Suunto Vertical Blue 2013

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November 10, 2013
© Video by Igor Liberti

Russian record in DNF

Date of record: 
Thursday, 2013, June 27
Distance [m]: 
195 m.

Russian record in static apnea

Date of record: 
Saturday, 2013, June 29
8 minutes, 33 seconds

Russian record in free Immersion

Date of record: 
Saturday, 2013, November 16
Distance [m]: 
112 m.

Continental record in CNF

Date of record: 
Sunday, 2013, November 10
Distance [m]: 
91 m.

About World Record in Calamata

Today it was an interesting day. First world champion title !

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